Carnaval HaLong 2012

Mr. Pham Van Can – Halong city: “I am proud to be one of the men of the Mining land (Quang Ninh province)”. Living in the right place of carnival, I have seen the preparation of it day by day. More particularly, this year’s carnival is in the right time of new title of Halong which let us happier for the success of the hometown. I also hope that the authorities have more action to broadcast and spread the information of Halong to more and more visitors all around the world.

Mr. Eyal Israeli, visitor from Israel: “The performance of you is very impressive and attractive to me.” This is the first time I come to Halong. Your way of organizing is very impressive. An imposing festival and full of colors. I could not forget the feeling of joining in the marching. What a spectacular feeling. I will definitely come back to your place next year and many following years.

Ms. Renee, visitor fromFlorida, U.S: “HalongBayis fanciful”. I have been told a lot aboutHalongBay, and I’ve seen many news and program about Halong in the international channels like CNN, BBC. Therefore, I come to this place with my friend and witness the real beauty of the natural heritage of the world. It could be said that what I’ve been through in this vacation do not depress me, and even more beautiful than what I saw in the T.V and papers. I will be back to Halong to enjoy the mysterious beauty of some other caves and grottoes.

Ms .Pham Thi Kim Xuyen, German Vietnamese: Halong is fanciful. I was born and raised in the foreign country, so I only knew about Halong through pictures. Today, when I join in the activities of the Halong and visit the caves, I thought Halong is like a giant picture. I hope it would be preserved and become an impressive destination for the international visitors to Vietnam. I will tell my relatives after coming back to my county.