Fort Cannon tourism area

Cat Ba is situated in a specific location on the geography map; it is in the global-famous Ha Long Bay beauty spot group. The beautiful Cat Ba island, whose three faces head to East Sea, is of the legend on thousands of released precious pearls constituting Ha Long Bay.

Apart from white-sand banks and white waves, Cat Ba appeals tourists by primitive forests therein.

Because of being located at the end of strategic arc, so the island is seen as a huge bastion to cover water routes towards the seaport city of the northeastern Vietnam.

The Height 77 on Cat Ba island becomes the primary point as for the great task to guard the water and air territory of the fatherland. The Height 77 known as “Fort Cannon” is the place where historical souvenirs consisting of two cannons weighed tens of tons each were kept. This is the artillery battlefield built by Japanese army as occupying Cat Ba. Thanks to the favorable location, and the vision to the sea, the top view covers a coast of East Sea, backed by the endless ranges of mountains whose average height of the area is 177 meters compared to the sea level, which is the highest mountain in the south of Cat Ba Island.

From the observatory of Fort Cannon tourism site, viewers can enjoy a front outspread air and get the feelings of adventurers as if we were flying with the space and landscape. The beach of beauty, Cat Ba-Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 are located at the food of mountain. As told by the legend when the heaven and earth were almost together, fairies on the zenith used to change into storks down to the lower world to enjoy natural scenery.

With the golden sand banks beneath, blue and warm waters, and the waves tapping the mountain sides, it here is really the fairyland.

The distance islets like Guoc or Long Chau dragon eye are half-invisible and swinging. Wonder lines on the blue sea background, drawn by nature, create a dazzling picture.

Viewing to another side Cat Ba Bay, hundreds of fishing ships at anchor also help draw a beautiful line of exciting life on sea. Paying looks down, Cat Ba Bay and the signs of life are put in the eyes of views.

When the sun sets, the red sunlight flickers after the ranges of mountains that paint a beauty nature with glow of sunset in the sky and the shadow of ships stretching on the water.

Tourists to Cat Ba now can have another fully meaning option to enjoy nature, history and primitive values, which is Fort Cannontourism area where there is the blend of heaven and earth.