Rock Climbing - Deep Water Soloing in Cat Ba - Ha Long Bay.

Deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay, climbing in Ha Long

There are over 3000 limestone islands in the Ha Long bay region of Vietnam and we hardly scratchedthe surface in our two week quest to explore them. It’s unusual to spend an entire Climbing trip on a boat, but then it’s unusual to do over 40 new routes without using a rope. It seemed pointless to mess around with a drill when we’d just found Deep Water Soloing paradise. Ho Chi Minh crosses the ceiling of a remarkable stalactite infested through-cave and I climbed it from the bottom up, over two days of effort. There are more of them in this part of the South China Sea than any other of the World’s oceans!

--- Neil Gresham England.

Ha Long Bay is one of the most majestic Climbing areas of the world. With over 3000 limestone karst rising from the sea. The area has several sport Climbing routes and has vast potential for further development. Sport Climbing in the area at present offers mainly routes above 7a ( french grade) which rise from beautiful stretches of white sandy beach.

However If you do not want to carry gear half way around the world, the area offer infinite possibilities for deep water soloing. Having routes from easy to sublime. Jump on one of our boats and take a tour around the islands. Spot a line, stop the boat, check the depth and up you go. You could probably deep water soloing here for a hundred years and still not climb every line.

--- Cat Ba Ventures

Halong bay is an amazing place to climb

Halong bay is an amazing place to climb. There are countless beautiful limestone faces and the potential is incredible for both rope Climbing and psycho bouldering ( deep water soloing ).

There are many wonderful routes but you must be careful as the bolts and rappell biners corrode within a few years due to the ocean air.

Bringing many “leaver” biners and cord is advised. For those looking to take advantage of the untouched faces and put up some new routes, it is advised to use the titanium glue-ins that have been adopted by those in Railay and Tonsai, near Krabi, Southern Thailand.

The base of some routes are under water a large partition of the day, while much psycho bouldering requires a high tide. However the periods of waiting never seem to carry with it the frustration often associated because one simply need to glance around to be calmed by the serene scenery.

--- Kevin Prince, USA

Ha Long Bay rock Climbing“Our three days in Ha Long Bay were the best of our trip to Viet Nam. Everything that was promised was fultilled. Our captain brought us to all the beautiful climbs. We ate wonderful food and loved the boat we stayed on. This trip was perfect for climbers or any one else who wants a comfortable, fun trip through Halong Bay.

--- Tess Weaver and Amy Thompson Oregon, USA

” Rock climbing - Deep water soloing in Cat Ba - Ha Long Bay “

 Rock Climbing In Ha Long Bay - 2Rock Climbing In Ha Long Bay - 1

Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 1 Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 2

Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 3 Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 4

Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 5 Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 6

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Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 13 Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 14

Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 11 Rock Climbing In Cat Ba Island - 12

Deep Water Soloing paradise in Cat Ba - Ha Long Bay.

This is Climbing movie  which we organized for Tim Emmett, Klem Loskot and 7 friends on October- 2004. They took the boat  and spent two weeks in Cat Ba island, Ha Long Bay for Climbing.

“Lowell’s latest is Dosage 3 and it kicks off with Tim Emmett and Klem Loskot deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Emmett’s enthusiasm is infectious contrasting with Loskot’s more peaceful and thoughtful commentary and Climbing. Lowell has a habit of documenting the zeitgeist of the moment and with deep-water soloing he has hit bulls-eye. As Emmet says,“For me there is no other style that comes close: new routes, onsight, ground-up, with no ropes and no rack. You are just Climbing.” Watch this segment and I’m sure you will agree. More, if you are like me will have a burning desire to try this type of Climbing. ”