Tourists to Cat Ba estimated to increase by 14.3% as compared to 2013

In 2014, the total number of tourist arrivals to Cat Ba was estimated at 1,513 million, an increase of 14.3% as compared to 2013, 341,200 of whom are foreigners, up 0.2%. Revenue from tourism and service reached 671.2 billion dong, making a rise of 14.2%.

Over the past time, Cat Hai district has enhanced promotion activities of tourism development through multiple means of communications from central government to local levels via leaflets, posters, exhibitions, etc. State management in tourism sector has been  promoted. Cat Hai District People’s Committee has strengthened the inspection team in the field of culture, tourism, environment sanitation and regularly organized this activity, especially in the peak months at Cat Ba Tourism Center; maintained the efficiency of hotline. The district has also directed professional agencies to instruct restaurants, hotels and transportation agents to perform as their listed prices with the aim of preventing acts of hiking price and enticing tourists.


The district has organized training courses on tourism and granted vocational certificates to 90 employees on the cruise ships. Protection of natural resources, natural landscapes and sustainable exploitation of available resources are also considered to ensure both tourism development and conservation of natural values of Cat Ba Archipelago World Biosphere Reserve. In the past year, the Center of Community Tourism of Cat Ba has gradually exploited ecological potentials, combining conservation with development of sustainable eco-tourism.

Along with fostering the promotion and management of the district, over the past year, tourism agencies also paid attention to upgrading the accommodation, catering and entertaining services; attaching a special importance totraining professional staff. In 2014, there are 6 additional hotels, motels and 5 restaurants  as compared to 2013.