Xuan Dam Cat Ba hot spring project

The Xuan Dam hot spring project is located in the centre of a fresh and verdant valley with the airy climate where the largest freshwater lake Cat Ba and Xuan Dam hot spring are located.
The Xuan Dam high-end hot spring, ecological villas and tourism resort complex concentrates on developing the value of hot spring to human health, and values of natural scenery and original values of the location.
This is the transit place of Cat Ba national forest so it comprises undamaged ecosystem, airy climate and specific natural conditions of the valley. Xuan Dam Valleycoversone 4-hectare lake and two small dams of Cat Ba island. The lake helps balance climate and create a fresh and green landscape here.
Especially, Xuan Dam hot spring is the heart of the Xuan Dam high-end hot spring, ecological villas and tourism resort complex, comprising a valuable hot spring to human health.
Luxury ecological villas lying by the mountain side and the dipping terrain, and leaning on forests, become an interesting relaxing place with a view to the lake, forests and valley beneath.
The area of high class spa and saunas makes people feel to be cared and to plunge into the warm natural spring amid peaceful space of the valley whereby visitors can erase all daily stress and tiredness.
Convenient services, service area, restaurants, bars, sport playground with a reasonable projection, in harmonization with the surrounding nature, may ensure a peaceful, modern and comfortable life among the nature.