Cat Ba expects to receive 1 million tourist visits

Visitors coming to Cat Ba are entirely interested in the special images of untouched landscape of mountains and forests. Visiting the attraction, travelers will surely enjoy the oceanic climate with freshness of Lan Ha Bay neighbouring the world natural heritage of Ha Long Bay with endless ranges of mountains dotted with golden sand beaches such as Cat Co 1, 2 and 3; and mysterious caves named as Quan Y, Thien Long, Trung Trang, Hoa Cuong etc. Particularly, it is a shortcoming not to mention Cat Ba National Park in possession of a prosperous system of fauna and flora that is considered as a natural reserve of rare and valuable genes of which white-headed langurs and Kim Giao trees (scientifically known as pedocarpus fleurgi) are typical examples. Naturally, Cat Ba is an appropriate place to be developed as a tourism centre with interesting activities of beach bathing, entertainment and amusement park, ecotourism, resorts, adventurous sports, forest and ocean sightseeing, cultural tours etc.

In order to bring into full play its natural advantage for tourism development to further attract visitors, Cat Hai district has paid more attention to promotion of its beauty spots and famous attractions on public media. The local authority has also focused on preparation of convenient infrastructure to provide investors with favourable conditions for their projects in the locality to positively satisfy visitor’s needs. Up to date, there have been 107 hotels and guest houses of about 2,000 rooms including eight hotels of 2 stars plus. All the hotel and guest house owners are now much concerned with better services by improving their restaurants, entertainments, steam bath, physical therapy and bars etc. Additionally, the number of businesses who are more interested in passenger transportation sector has been increasing. In fact, together with old-fashioned buses of Thong Nhat and Song Bien Transportation Co-operatives, new carriers such as Hoang Long Transportation Company, Hoang Yen speed boats and Cat Ba tourism transportation company have also advance their vehicles with new and modern coaches and cruises that results in a better and more convenient traffic network.

Along with traditional tours visiting forests, mountains, caves, the local tourism authority has recently provided a new type of communal tourism. All the communes of Cat Hai district have established their own management unit of communal tourism for a better exploitation of the business.

With the existing growth of tourism, the expectation of 1 million visitors coming to Cat Ba is not an unrealistic ambition, but a feasible goal to score. Hence, the positive result if achieved will bring more development opportunities, especially economic growth which will optimistically help improve spiritual and material standards of local residents.

However, in order to successfully achieve the target, Cat Hai district looks forward to investments  to improve the traffic network, power and water supply system, deluxe hotels and entertainment facilities in Cat Ba. If these needs are satisfied, Cat Ba tourism will surely develop to become an attractive destination of domestic and international travelers that significantly contributes to the city’s general development.